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Discover low-cost and no-cost STEAM resources to supercharge your teaching and motivate your learners. Save time and money by downloading ready-to-use materials from talented teachers and technology trainers.

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Showcase and share your STEAM lessons and teaching skills in your own store. Support other teachers and trainers. Earn rewards for the time and talent you’ve invested in creating quality STEAM lessons and teaching resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Resources are materials that can be used to support an instructional session, build skills or assist learners. They include quality lessons, effective methods, efficient approaches and excellent products for connecting content to STEM and STEAM.

Teachers, trainers, specialists, vendors, coordinators and other professionals who help others to learn about STEM and STEAM technologies. You must have a registered vendor account to offer your materials to others. See Become A Vendor under the Share/Sell menu.

Well designed resources can support one lesson or a series of lessons such as a class. A single workshop plan, seminar guide, training video, informative presentation, useful product or hands-on activity may be enough. We welcome all types of quality content, for popular topics and technologies as well as niche subjects. If you or others have successfully used your resource in teaching, in person or online, then you should consider offering it on Teach About Tech.

We know you invested time, talent, and creativity into developing your teaching materials. Your knowledge and experience are valuable, so we offer you the opportunity to receive a financial return on your investment. You can also choose to share your resources for free.

We can’t guarantee the accuracy or usefulness of member content. However, we do a quick check of both free and premium resources before adding them to the collection. Teach About Tech is a supportive community, so we also encourage our members to send friendly feedback to each other. To make this easy, we include a contact form for each shop owner. Please see the Member Content section of our Terms of Use for more on this topic.

Not at this time. We want to make it easy to find and get the resources on Teach About Tech. However, registering will speed up your checkout process because you won’t need to enter the same delivery information for every download. Look for the Join Now link in the top menu.

You can use the contact link in Find/Shop or Share/Sell to send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Licensing & Copyright

Yes. You automatically own the copyright to any works of expression you create and it is not necessary to register your works. As copyright owner you control the use and distribution of a protected work by any other persons, whether it’s a whole work or just a substantial part. You should include a notice of copyright on your work. For all content included in each resource, you must either be the copyright owner, receive permission from the copyright owner, or ensure that the content is covered under fair use or other applicable laws. You can find more information at this link.

No! You retain the copyright to your work. You are simply granting us a license to display and distribute your work. Please see the Member Content section of our Terms of Use for more on this topic.

Sure. You can set various conditions or requirements for use of your work. If you choose to share your resource for free, we recommend you select from three different Creative Commons licenses:

1. ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA): you give permission for others to download your resource for free and also to create new works based on it. They’ll have to give you credit for your work using the same license, and they can’t sell your work, or their works based on it. This is the most popular choice.

2. Attribution (CC-BY): you give permission for others to download your resource for free and also to create new works based on it without restriction, as long as they give you credit. As a result, others could sell a resource adapted from your work and make money from it.

3. No-Derivatives (CC-BY-ND): you give permission for others to download your resource for free and share it, but they can’t create new works based on it even if they give you credit.

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that created free, easy-to-use copyright licenses. These licenses support individuals who want to give the public permission to share, use, and build upon creative works. Teach About Tech encourages members to share, download, and adapt training resources. Creative Commons licenses help to protect and facilitate this process. You can learn more about Creative Commons licenses here.

You can use the contact link in Find/Shop or Share/Sell to send us a message. Please tell us what aspect of the resource you feel is questionable and why. Resources that don’t adhere to our terms and conditions may be removed from the website.

No. However, you can recommend free resources from other sites or organizations and give directions for how to access them directly.

Resources & Files

Yes, though we do encourage you to offer at least one free resource. By providing a free resource, you give members and shoppers the opportunity to experience your style, approach, and quality at no cost. Seeing this product may encourage them to try your paid offerings.

Of course!

Select Vendor Dashboard from the Share/Sell menu. Select the Add Product tab. Complete the product information form. You must be registered as a vendor to use the vendor dashboard.

Many types of files can be uploaded. Below are the currently accepted file formats. We’ll add others as necessary.

jpg  jpeg  png  gif  mov  epub  avi  mpg  pub  midi  mid  pdf  doc  rtf  ppt  odt  pptx  docx  psd  pps  ppsx  xls  xlsx  mp3 ogg  wma  m4a  wav  mp4  m4v  webm  ogv   wmv  flv  ai  pages  numbers  key  ibooks

If you choose to upload less popular file types, include supporting information about that file type with the resource. No program files or executables are allowed due to security concerns.

Each upload has a maximum file size of 64MB. If your file is larger than 64MB, you’ll need to host it on your own server or a cloud service such as or For example, if your video file is larger than 64MB, you can use YouTube, Vimeo or another video hosting service. Be sure to select the appropriate privacy settings and then enter the link to the file in the product information form.

You’ll need a PayPal account. We review sales at the end of every month and process payments the following month. You keep 70% of what you earn.

Setting Up A Shop

Just a few minutes of your time. (My answer here could be “nothing” but I consider your time valuable).

By opening a shop, you can introduce yourself to the Teach About Tech community, as well as display and market your resources. You’ll have a unique shop url to help you promote your teaching materials to friends, colleagues and others. As a shop owner, you’ll also be part of an exclusive group that can influence the development and direction of Teach About Tech.

Teachers, trainers, vendors and other professionals who design and offer lessons or products for STEM and STEAM education.

Choose Become A Vendor under the Share/Sell menu. Complete the vendor registration form.

For every product you sell, you keep 70%. Payments are made during the first week of the following month to your PayPal account. The remaining 30% covers web hosting, software licenses that make the site work, cloud storage for every vendor and PayPal fees. I also hope to make a little money providing and managing the site.

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