Many types of files can be uploaded. Below are the currently accepted file formats. We’ll add others as necessary.

jpg  jpeg  png  gif  mov  epub  avi  mpg  pub  midi  mid  pdf  doc  rtf  ppt  odt  pptx  docx  psd  pps  ppsx  xls  xlsx  mp3 ogg  wma  m4a  wav  mp4  m4v  webm  ogv   wmv  flv  ai  pages  numbers  key  ibooks

If you choose to upload less popular file types, include supporting information about that file type with the resource. No program files or executables are allowed due to security concerns.

Each upload has a maximum file size of 64MB. If your file is larger than 64MB, you’ll need to host it on your own server or a cloud service such as or For example, if your video file is larger than 64MB, you can use YouTube, Vimeo or another video hosting service. Be sure to select the appropriate privacy settings and then enter the link to the file in the product information form.