STEM Activities to Try At Home

A Guest Post from Hermann Samano The COVID-19 pandemic has upended education for teachers, parents, and students alike, but before that revolution, there was another one just as profound. Long before parents were asked to double as in-home teachers, educators were focusing on STEM education, turning their sights to the important fields of science, technology, […]

Downloadable STEM Posters Celebrate Women in STEM

This collection of free, downloadable STEM posters features eight inspiring role models from the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The women are drawn by female illustrators, with each poster celebrating a different woman innovator. Posters are available to download in eight different  languages for you to print out for your classroom or lab. The […]

Buncee – Creative Multimedia Content Production

  Buncee is a digital canvas you and your young students can use to create and share multimedia presentations. All activity takes place in a creation window, using a simple toolbar and drag-and-drop interface. Use Buncee content or add your own images, sound files or videos. You can choose from hundreds of ready-made templates, then […]

Free STEAM Resources You May Have Missed – PhET

I’ve been reviewing my collection of STEM and STEAM articles and discovered a few sites or tools you may not have tried yet. During the next few weeks, I’ll post about these resources. Perhaps you’ll find them useful for you and your students. PhET is a university site with over 150 math and science simulations […]

4 STEAM Teacher Resources & 1 for Fun

Today I’ll be spending some time with the local STEAM Society at a Science On Tap event for an evening of science, beer, and conversation. Each Science On Tap event showcases a different STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) related subject with some great interactives. The event is sponsored by Golisano Children’s Museum of […]

50 STEAM Apps for iPad: STEM + Art & Design

Innovation is closely linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These subjects are collectively known as STEM and schools have widely adopted STEM curricula. However, students drawn to the visual arts and design are rarely the same students attracted to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students who aren’t naturally talented in STEM subjects may be disadvantaged or […]

Augmented & Virtual Reality – AR & VR Guide

A guide to Augmented Reality (AR)  and Virtual Reality (VR) in education.   Steve Bambury began exploring AR in the classroom in 2012 and VR in 2014. He recently created VirtualiTeach to share what he was learning about these new technologies.  You’ll find dozens of articles on AR & VR, including pointers to many apps and sites […]